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My name is Jeff Taekman. I am a busy academic physician with a life-long passion for technology and computers. My professional roles include being a anesthesiologist for Duke Medicine, the Director of the Human Simulation and Patient Safety Center,  Faculty in the Duke Center for Health Informatics, and the Assistant Dean for Educational Technology in the Duke University School of Medicine.

My passions include technology, informatics, game-based learning, and most recently, the human microbiome.

I love technology, especially the Apple Ecosystem. Through tens of thousands of hours of trial and error I have developed a series of workflows that make my life simpler, more organized, and that allow me to get things done efficiently both at work and at home.

I’m often asked how I use technology in my personal and professional lives. For years, I’ve had these curbside conversations one-on-one.

I’ve decided to share my knowledge in a new blog called The WIPPP. Along the way I plan to share my knowledge and insights in an easy to use format you can enjoy from anywhere.

I hope you find my tips and tricks as useful in your life as I have found them in mine. Please don’t hesitate to contact me using the contact form.

If you’d like to learn more about my professional work, please visit my ePortfolio site.

Sincerely yours,

Jeff Taekman
May 15, 2012

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