It is grant season and thus it's been quite some time since I've written an entry. Today I want to talk about the program I'm using quite extensively for writing and social media. The application is Copied. Copied is available both for Mac and iOS. 

Copied is a universal clipboard application that makes information available on all your devices (with an in-app upgrade). The ubiquitous availability of your clipboard, in my opinion, is priceless.

Copied iPhone

Copied Mac

Some of the ways I am using Copied:

  1. Capturing screen shots of my iOS devices for blog entries.
  2. transferring information from programs such as Drafts to my Mac (without having to use an intermediary program such as Evernote)
  3. Capturing information on my computer and transferring to my phone (e.g. addresses, screenshots, etc.)
  4. Capturing images from the web—Copied automatically captures the URL of the picture and appends it to the clipboard entry (saving me the time it used to take to copy this information manually).
  5. Quickly capturing the titles of references I wish to download after finishing reading a manuscript in Skim.
  6. Capturing the references from a manuscript to be added to each of my extracted annotations.

I find a new way to use Copied every week. Copied has features (such as automated scripting templates) that I have yet to explore. Even without these unexplored features, Copied is a powerful addition to my writing toolbox – well worth the price.

I’d be interested in hearing how others are utilizing this phenomenal app in their daily work.

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