I use my computer and iPad many hours a day. There are a few core programs that have become so integral to my workflow, I’m lost without them. One of these programs is Default Folder X. Despite the mysterious name, it has become an essential part of my Mac-based workflows.

Default Folder X combines folder navigation, OpenMeta tagging, and host of other features into a single, easy-to-use interface that interdigitates with the built-in Save Dialogue Box.

The three features I use most commonly are the Recents Menu, OpenMeta tags, and the Favorites Folders.

The Recents Menu keeps track of the places you’ve most recently saved information, allowing single-click access to your most recently saved-to folders.

dialogue box

The OpenMeta Tags box lets you tag files before saving them, sparing you the need to go back and label them at a later time (I’ll cover tagging in a later entry).


I usually work on several concurrent projects. Using the Preference menu of the app, I can designate current project folders as “Favorites.” I can then open these folders through key combinations, greatly speeding up access to the information contained within.


Default Folder X is another program I use dozens of times each day. You can download a copy and try it yourself for 30 days at St. Clair Software’s website.

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  1. Ebrahim says:

    Jeff: I love your workflows and website. As a new investigator I found your approach very logical and adaptable to any situation. Can you plan a later blog on grant writing workflows….?

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