Meetings are unavoidable in academics. For busy professionals, finding a time to meet can be a daunting task. Although apps like Outlook have built in scheduling features, few use them. One major limitation; Outlook’s scheduling features only work for individuals using the same corporate domain.

Previously, I wrote about my love of Sunrise Meet–a fabulous add on to Sunrise that smoothed the task of scheduling meetings. Sunrise was purchased by Microsoft and, unfortunately, the app will soon be shuttered. Thus, I went on a quest to find a Sunrise Meet replacement. I’m happy to report I found great alternative: Free Time 2

Free Time 2 is a standalone app for iOS. The interface is clean and intuitive. If I receive a meeting request, I merely open the app and surf to the potential day(s) of interest. Each day displays a list of appointments along with my free time.


I select as many potential meeting times on as many days as I’d like to propose.


I then hit “Share,” opening the Action Menu.


I choose what app I’d like to share my availability. Free Time formats the list of the potential dates for me. Here is an example in Spark.


Free Time 2, in many ways, outshines Sunrise Meet. I use Free Time several times each day to schedule 1:1 meetings. Now if only there was an app that could seemlessly handle multi-person scheduling. Enjoy!

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  1. Warren Cann says:

    Nice one Jeff! Thanks for sharing.

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