When asleep, my Mac is configured to require a password to unlock. I often have to type my password dozens of times each day.

This am, while reading My Must-Have iOS Apps, 2015 Edition (by Federico Viticci), I found MacID, an app that uses the TouchID on your phone to unlock/lock your Mac.

Setup was incredibly easy. I installed the app on my phone and my Mac. Connecting the two was a snap. I installed the unlock bookmark on the main screen of my iPhone. Now, I merely click the app on my iPhone, use the TouchID, and my Mac unlocks. If I have the lid of my Mac closed, when opened, MacID sends a notification to my phone asking if I’d like to unlock—awesome!

Not only is the app incredibly functional, but it is very aesthetically pleasing. Check it out!

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  1. Gail V. Barnes says:

    I uninstalled at home because I would get a message when I was in the room next store asking if I wanted to unlock. . Couldn’t figure out the distance settings to avoid this. I feel it will be most useful at work.

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