When reading PDFs on my Mac, I use Skim. Although I love the program, Skim has one annoying quirk. I cannot select (or highlight) text in a split screen. This makes it difficult to highlight or download references in real-time.

I found a workaround that is fast and efficient. After opening a PDF in Skim, I’ll select “Print” from the File Menu and then, from the bottom left drop down menu, I’ll select “Open PDF in Preview.” This opens a second editable version of the manuscript side-by-side with the original.

Let me know how this works for you.

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6 Responses to Skim Split Screen Workaround

  1. Peter says:

    Love your blog and your many specific and useful insights. Concerning PDF viewing, my by far first choice is PDF Expert. I used to use Skim, Preview, and Acrobat. Not anymore. PDF Expert exists both for macOS and iOS. It is made by Readdle, and all of their products are high quality. I really like their products, and PDF Expert in particular.

  2. Mio says:

    Hi Jeffrey,
    Thanks for the tip.
    I would like to address here another issue with Skim. Namely, after I updated to MacSierra, PDFKit seems to be broken… Namely, I like many other users per https://sourceforge.net/p/skim-app/bugs/, cannot edit nor even add new notes on Skim files. Only for that reason I went back to El Capitan until the issues get fixed.
    Do you face a similar issue? If yes, did you find a workaround?

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