I’ve been a long-time subscriber to TripIt Pro. I found the $49 service invaluable when traveling. In 2011 TripIt was acquired by Concur-an integrated expense and travel management service company. Then in 2014, Concur was acquired by SAP. Regardless of who owns TripIt, the application services continue to be improved.

TripIt announced some interesting new features this month. Go Now is a new handy feature. Twenty-four hours before any U.S. domestic flight, Go Now becomes available on your flight screen.

Go Now suggests a time for you to leave based on on your location, current flight status and local traffic patterns. Two hours before you need to leave, a countdown timer is initiated. Once on your way, Go Now continues to update your arrival time.

When you reach your destination airport (and when you’re ready to leave for your trip home), TripiT Navigator makes it easier (and potentially more cost-effective) to find your ground transportation. Navigator shows you your options and cost to get from point A to point B.

These two features are phenomenal additions to an already powerful travel solution. I’m looking forward to trying them out on my next trip.

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