Switching from SimpleNote to Notesy

In past entries I’ve written about how I rely on the combination of SimpleNote and nvALT to capture ideas, meeting notes, and more. I’ve been blissfully ignorant of the syncing issues between the two. I’ve had little problem with this combination, but apparently others have. 

When I read that Brett Terpstra (the architect of nvALT) will no longer support SimpleNote, I knew it was time to find an alternative. For me, the choice was between Notesy and Nebulous Notes. Since I need my SimpleNote replacement primarily as a pass-through and for quick mobile searches, I settled on Notesy. I’ll reserve Nebulous for more in-depth tasks.

I also learned that Brett recommends DropBox syncing for nvALT–so I’ve moved my nvALT Folder back to DropBox. I backed up my folder and followed Michael Schechter’s directions to make sure I suffered no data loss.

The total time to make the switch was about 10 minutes.