Ulysses for iPad: Writing Nirvana

I use a great deal of plaintext and markdown in my writing. I’ve cycled through minimalist applications like Byword, iA Writer (and iA Writer Pro). A few years ago, in search of the perfect writing app, I stumbled upon Ulysses. Ulysses has powerful features for writers, but like many of the best applications, it keeps power features out of the way until you really need them. I like the app’s clean interface, how it handles (and emphasizes) markdown in a file, and especially the ability to organize multiple files across devices and cloud services. The Achilles Heel of Ulyesses has historically been its mobile implementation. There was no Ulysses for mobile devices. That is, until this week.

On Thursday, the long awaited iPad version of Ulysses was released. Ulysses for iPad has all the features that make Ulysses for Mac great. Some of you may balk at the price ($19.99 USD), but I believe it is well worth it. Check out my friend, David Sparks' (Macsparky), overview for more information.

In a future entry, I’ll talk about how my writing process has evolved to use Ulysses (in tandem with Papers and Scrivener) to tackle my large academic writing projects.