WiPPP moved to Squarespace

Wordpress was the original blogging platform for WiPPP, but over the past year, I became increasingly disheartened with the classic blogging tool. Maintaining my site in Wordpress became a chore. I prefer developing content to maintaining a web site.

Several years ago, I decided to run my online professional portfolio, jeffreytaekman.com from Squarespace. I have been so impressed with the ease-of-use and support that I decided to transition WiPPP to Squarespace.

Over the next several weeks, you will notice a new format for WiPPP. The transition has not been pain-free. Although Squarespace's import tool worked amazingly well, many of the backlinks to historical posts have broken. Please bear with me while I correct these issues. If you notice a broken link or other problem with WiPPP, please send me a message so the issue can be fixed.

Thanks again for reading.

Sincerely, Jeff Taekman