I was talking to a colleague today about how I quickly capture notes on my iPhone and iPad. My goto app on the iPhone is Drafts (by Agile Tortoise). Drafts lets you get stuff out of your head and on to your device quickly. Once you’ve captured the information, you can decide what to do with it (e.g. send to Facebook, Twitter, save as a text file, Omnifocus, or a whole host of other possibilities). 

While Drafts was great on my iPhone, it wasn’t available on the iPad–until now ($2.99 on the App Store). 

Drafts is now on the first screen of both of my iOS devices. Thanks Agile Tortoise!
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  1. John Chandler says:

    Hi Jeff, great blog, I’ve replaced endnote with papers on my mac following reading your posts and haven’t looked back. I’m trying to expand my ipad usage but the challenge I face writing academic papers on my ipad is with placing citations in the text, have you found any workaround to allow this?
    Thanks, John

    • jeffrey.taekman says:

      Thanks for the kind words. I, too, do a great deal of my writing on my iPad–primarily in Byword. I have not found an easy way to cite manuscripts while writing on the iPad. I usually just put in a place-holder and insert the citekey after syncing to my mac. I suppose you could manually insert a citekey while writing (the citekey is one of the metadata fields tracked by Papers), but this would not work well for me when in a writing flow state. Once the citekeys are in your document they’ll survive through text, Scrivener, and Pages.

      Please let me know if you figure something out.

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